Secret Santa Selector

This tool is designed to be used on a mobile device. It can handle situations where some participants shouldn't be matched with each other (couples, enemies, etc). First, enter participants one at a time. If you goof up, just drag and drop the name out of the list.

Now, you can create sub-groups that will be unable to be matched with each other. Drag names from the left into the column to the right, then click Group Complete. If you goof up, you can drag and drop names and groups from their respective lists. Hit the Finished button when you're done (or if you don't need to make any groups).

When you are done, click the button.

Matches have been made! Drag your name into the box below and hit the button to see your match. Then, pass this to the next person. Your information will disappear after you view it.

You are acting as Santa for...