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[ ["a", {"cat": "conj", "def": "or (links NPs and adjectives only)"}], ["aa", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "guts"}], ["aa_aakoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aakoe", "selfSort": "aakoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "inside of"}], ["aa_aakoe_foaakoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "foaakoe", "selfSort": "foaakoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "outside of"}], ["aaku", {"cat": "n", "def": "day (as opposed to night)"}], ["aakuli", {"cat": "n", "def": "winter solstice"}], ["aakulo", {"cat": "n", "def": "summer solstice"}], ["aani", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "garden"}], ["aani_aanamomo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aanamomo", "selfSort": "aanamomo", "cat": "n", "def": "gardener"}], ["aaZ", {"special": "root", "word": "aaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "shame"}], ["aaZ_aaZkoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aaĭkoe", "selfSort": "aaZkoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "ashamed"}], ["aaZ_aaZkopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aaĭkopa", "selfSort": "aaZkopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "shameful"}], ["aenZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "aeńoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "care (about)"}], ["aenZoZo_takaenZoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takaeńoĭo", "selfSort": "takaenZoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "love (non-romantic)"}], ["aeZ", {"word": "aeĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "wave (ocean)"}], ["afoZnoZo", {"word": "afoĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "defSort": "would do; expresses conditionality", "def": "(would) do; expresses conditionality"}], ["afuku", {"cat": "n", "def": "language"}], ["aheu", {"cat": "n", "def": "crow"}], ["aifaZa", {"word": "aifaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "think, imagine"}], ["aifaZa_aifu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aifu", "selfSort": "aifu", "cat": "adj", "def": "creative"}], ["aifaZa_aisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aiśaĭ", "selfSort": "aisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "thought"}], ["aifaZa_takaifaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takaifaĭa", "selfSort": "takaifaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "think, plan, consider"}], ["aisZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "aiśoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "offer"}], ["aisZoZo_aisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aiśaĭ", "selfSort": "aisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "offer, offering"}], ["akasa", {"cat": "n", "def": "sibling, brother, sister"}], ["aki", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "small, little"}], ["aki_akipaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "akipaĭa", "selfSort": "akipaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "shrink"}], ["aki_akisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "akisaĭ", "selfSort": "akisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "smallness"}], ["aki_akisaZkoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "akisaĭkoe", "selfSort": "akisaZkoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "miniature"}], ["akiolo", {"cat": "n", "def": "glass"}], ["akisZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "akiśoĭo", "cat": "vv", "def": "halt, stop, wait, pause (implies continuance in the future)"}], ["akisZoZo_akisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "akiśaĭ", "selfSort": "akisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "halt, stoppage, pause (implies continuance in the future)"}], ["akisZoZo_akisZeso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "akiśeso", "selfSort": "akisZeso", "cat": "adj", "def": "stopped, paused (implies continuance in the future)"}], ["ako", {"cat": "n", "def": "window"}], ["aktofo", {"cat": "adj", "def": "green"}], ["alekaZa", {"word": "alekaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "joke, amuse"}], ["alekaZa_aleku", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aleku", "selfSort": "aleku", "cat": "adj", "def": "funny, amusing"}], ["aleZso", {"word": "aleĭso", "cat": "n", "def": "friend"}], ["ali", {"cat": "int", "def": "who"}], ["alosofaZa", {"word": "alosofaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vv", "def": "curve"}], ["alosofaZa_alosofeso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "alosofeso", "selfSort": "alosofeso", "cat": "adj", "def": "curved, curvy"}], ["alosofaZa_alososZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "alosośaĭ", "selfSort": "alososZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "curve"}], ["aluko", {"cat": "n", "def": "man, male"}], ["alumani", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "welcoming, hospitable"}], ["alumani_alumanisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "alumanisaĭ", "selfSort": "alumanisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "hospitality, welcome"}], ["aluZ", {"word": "aluĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "big, large"}], ["alZasoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "aĺasoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "hide"}], ["alZasoZo_alZaseso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aĺaseso", "selfSort": "alZaseso", "cat": "adj", "def": "hidden"}], ["alZoasi", {"special": "root", "word": "aĺoasi", "cat": "adj", "def": "crooked, distorted"}], ["alZoasi_alZoasipaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aĺoasipaĭa", "selfSort": "alZoasipaZa", "cat": "vv", "def": "bend, distort"}], ["alZpa", {"word": "aĺpa", "cat": "prep", "def": "on top of"}], ["alZu", {"special": "root", "word": "aĺu", "cat": "adj", "def": "yes, true, affirmative"}], ["alZu_alZisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aĺisaĭ", "selfSort": "alZisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "a truth, fact"}], ["ami", {"cat": "adj", "def": "few"}], ["amu", {"cat": "n", "def": "finger"}], ["ani", {"cat": "int", "def": "why"}], ["antali", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "beautiful"}], ["antali_antalipaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "antalipaĭa", "selfSort": "antalipaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "beautify"}], ["antaZ", {"word": "antaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "night"}], ["anZa", {"word": "ańa", "cat": "n", "def": "father"}], ["anZe", {"word": "ańe", "cat": "adj", "def": "many"}], ["anZkasa", {"word": "ańkasa", "cat": "n", "def": "uncle"}], ["anZkaseme", {"word": "ańkaseme", "cat": "n", "def": "cousin"}], ["aofaZa", {"word": "aofaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "know"}], ["aofaZa_aofafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aofafo", "selfSort": "aofafo", "cat": "n", "def": "knowledge"}], ["aofaZa_aofeso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aofeso", "selfSort": "aofeso", "cat": "adj", "def": "known"}], ["aorkasa", {"cat": "n", "def": "aunt"}], ["aorma", {"cat": "n", "def": "mother"}], ["apape", {"cat": "n", "def": "today"}], ["apopo", {"cat": "n", "def": "yesterday"}], ["apu", {"cat": "adj", "def": "bad"}], ["ara", {"cat": "n", "def": "sand, beach, shore"}], ["arua", {"cat": "ex", "def": "exclamation of surprise, wonder, amazement; a dog's howl"}], ["asamaZa", {"word": "asamaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vv", "def": "finish, end, stop (implies completion)"}], ["asamaZa_asameso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "asameso", "selfSort": "asameso", "cat": "adj", "def": "final, finished, ended (implies completion)"}], ["asamaZa_asasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "asaśaĭ", "selfSort": "asasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "finale, finish, end, stop (implies completion)"}], ["asasa", {"cat": "n", "def": "litter (of animals)"}], ["asaufaZa", {"word": "asaufaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "allow"}], ["asia", {"cat": "n", "def": "oar; paddle"}], ["asie", {"cat": "n", "def": "seashell"}], ["asikuZ", {"word": "asikuĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "council"}], ["aslulu", {"cat": "n", "def": "foreign human, demi-human, foreigner"}], ["aspiaa", {"cat": "adj", "def": "yellow"}], ["astoku", {"cat": "n", "def": "tomorrow"}], ["asuatoZo", {"word": "asuatoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "keep, store, hold on to, is (patient) [years] old"}], ["asuka", {"cat": "n", "def": "woman, female"}], ["asuoZ", {"special": "root", "word": "asuoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "name"}], ["asuoZ_asuoZsoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "asuoĭsoĭo", "selfSort": "asuoZsoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "name, dub"}], ["ata", {"cat": "#", "def": "12 (twelve)"}], ["atafaZa", {"word": "atafaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "blow"}], ["atanZoZo", {"word": "atańoĭo", "cat": "vv", "def": "turn (left, right, around...)"}], ["atanZoke", {"word": "atańoke", "cat": "n", "def": "crossbow"}], ["atanZokisaZ", {"word": "atańokisaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "crossbow bolt"}], ["atatoZo", {"word": "atatoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "put (something somewhere)"}], ["ateafaZa", {"word": "ateafaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "welcome to..."}], ["atee", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "tax"}], ["atee_ateepamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ateepamaĭa", "selfSort": "ateepamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "tax"}], ["ati", {"cat": "prep", "def": "of, holding, carrying, containing"}], ["atifaZa", {"word": "atifaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "hold (object), carry"}], ["atipa", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "wise"}], ["atipa_atipisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "atipisaĭ", "selfSort": "atipisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "wisdom"}], ["atkao", {"cat": "n", "def": "basket"}], ["ato", {"cat": "adj", "def": "blue (darker green-blue; cerulean; teal; viridian)"}], ["atofa", {"cat": "n", "def": "branch (of a tree), bough"}], ["au", {"cat": "n", "def": "chair"}], ["aula", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "milk"}], ["aula_aulapamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aulapamaĭa", "selfSort": "aulapamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "milk"}], ["aulno", {"cat": "n", "def": "cow, bull, ox"}], ["aulnuu", {"cat": "n", "def": "pasture, cow-land"}], ["ausZa", {"word": "auśa", "cat": "n", "def": "bed"}], ["aZ", {"word": "aĭ", "cat": "conj", "def": "and (along with; links NPs and adjectives only)"}], ["aZani", {"special": "root", "word": "aĭani", "cat": "n", "def": "reason, explanation, why"}], ["aZani_aZanipamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aĭanipamaĭa", "selfSort": "aZanipamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "explain, rationalize, demystify"}], ["aZksesoZo", {"word": "aĭksesoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "march, walk in formation"}], ["aZkuki", {"word": "aĭkuki", "cat": "pron", "def": "we (dual, inclusive)"}], ["aZkunZa", {"word": "aĭkuńa", "cat": "pron", "def": "we (plural, inclusive)"}], ["aZkuru", {"word": "aĭkuru", "cat": "pron", "def": "we (paucal, inclusive)"}], ["aZlo", {"special": "root", "word": "aĭlo", "cat": "adj", "def": "short (in height)"}], ["aZlo_aZlopaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aĭlopaĭa", "selfSort": "aZlopaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "shorten (in height)"}], ["aZnZoZo", {"word": "aĭńoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "read"}], ["aZotZa", {"word": "aĭot́a", "cat": "n", "def": "blanket"}], ["aZoZnoZo", {"word": "aĭoĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "lose (opposite of find)"}], ["aZpaZfaZa", {"word": "aĭpaĭfaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "surprise"}], ["aZsta", {"special": "root", "word": "aĭsta", "cat": "n", "def": "bread"}], ["aZsta_aZstapamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "aĭstapamaĭa", "selfSort": "aZstapamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "bake"}], ["aZstamaZa", {"word": "aĭstamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "suck"}], ["aZu", {"word": "aĭu", "cat": "n", "def": "tongue"}], ["eatZoZo", {"word": "eat́oĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "sew"}], ["efe", {"cat": "#", "def": "16 (sixteen)"}], ["ehoZa", {"word": "ehoĭa", "cat": "det", "def": "that (3rd referrent, farther away)"}], ["eka", {"cat": "#", "def": "15 (fifteen)"}], ["ekafaZa", {"word": "ekafaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "destroy, break"}], ["ekafaZa_ekafeso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ekafeso", "selfSort": "ekafeso", "cat": "adj", "def": "broken, destroyed"}], ["eli", {"cat": "int", "def": "which"}], ["eloZ", {"word": "eloĭ", "cat": "det", "def": "this (1st referrent)"}], ["elZui", {"special": "root", "word": "eĺui", "cat": "n", "def": "fur"}], ["elZui_elZuikopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "eĺuikopa", "selfSort": "elZuikopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "furry"}], ["emaru", {"cat": "pron", "def": "they (paucal, animate, formal)"}], ["eme", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "child"}], ["eme_emekoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "emekoe", "selfSort": "emekoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "childlike"}], ["eme_emekopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "emekopa", "selfSort": "emekopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "childish"}], ["emiri", {"cat": "dem", "def": "this place/time (1st referrent; here; now)"}], ["emki", {"cat": "pron", "def": "they (dual, animate, formal)"}], ["emokefe", {"cat": "n", "def": "formal title for married adult (Mister, Mr, Mrs, Ms)"}], ["emori", {"cat": "dem", "def": "that place/time (2nd referrent; there; then; when; where)"}], ["empi", {"cat": "pron", "def": "he/she (animate, formal)"}], ["emunZa", {"word": "emuńa", "cat": "pron", "def": "they (plural, animate, formal)"}], ["emusu", {"cat": "adj", "def": "soft (to the touch)"}], ["enatoZ", {"word": "enatoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "spring (season)"}], ["enfai", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "horse"}], ["enfai_enfaisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "enfaiśi", "selfSort": "enfaisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "stable"}], ["enopo", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "bow (front of boat)"}], ["enopo_enopokoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "enopokoe", "selfSort": "enopokoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "forwards, ahead of"}], ["ensua", {"cat": "dem", "def": "that place/time (3rd referrent; there; then; when; where)"}], ["enupi", {"cat": "n", "def": "triangle"}], ["eonestuo", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "symbolic"}], ["eonestuo_eonestuisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "eonestuiśaĭ", "selfSort": "eonestuisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "symbol"}], ["epa", {"cat": "#", "def": "13 (thirteen)"}], ["eplau", {"cat": "adj", "def": "normal, everyday, average"}], ["epo", {"cat": "#", "def": "18 (eighteen)"}], ["eropertu", {"cat": "n", "def": "autumn, fall"}], ["esoZo", {"word": "esoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "do (something), act"}], ["esa", {"cat": "pron", "def": "you (singular, formal)"}], ["esaki", {"cat": "pron", "def": "you (dual, formal)"}], ["esasta", {"cat": "n", "def": "lace"}], ["esia", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "saddle"}], ["esia_esiasoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "esiasoĭo", "selfSort": "esiasoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "mount (get on top of)"}], ["esia_esiasoZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "esiasoĭsi", "selfSort": "esiasoZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "mount, rideable animal"}], ["esinZa", {"word": "esińa", "cat": "pron", "def": "you (plural, formal)"}], ["esiru", {"cat": "pron", "def": "you (paucal, formal)"}], ["eslaZ", {"word": "eslaĭ", "cat": "dem", "def": "this one (1st referrent)"}], ["esokaZ", {"word": "esokaĭ", "cat": "pron", "def": "reflexive pronoun, formal"}], ["esoZa", {"word": "esoĭa", "cat": "dem", "def": "that one (3rd referrent, farther away)"}], ["esu", {"cat": "#", "def": "14 (fourteen)"}], ["etaZ", {"word": "etaĭ", "cat": "ex", "def": "exclamation of success, discovery"}], ["etaZkatu", {"word": "etaĭkatu", "cat": "n", "def": "clothes, clothing (sing.)"}], ["eti", {"cat": "#", "def": "17 (seventeen)"}], ["etokaZa", {"word": "etokaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "may do, might do (expresses a possible action)"}], ["etokaZa_etokafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "etokafo", "selfSort": "etokafo", "cat": "n", "def": "possibility"}], ["etopa", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "adventure"}], ["etopa_etopakoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "etopakoe", "selfSort": "etopakoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "adventurous"}], ["etu", {"cat": "#", "def": "19 (nineteen)"}], ["etue", {"cat": "ex", "def": "exclamation of mild dismay"}], ["euZ", {"word": "euĭ", "cat": "#", "def": "10 (ten)"}], ["eZa", {"word": "eĭa", "cat": "conj", "def": "instead of, compared to, than"}], ["eZaZfaZa", {"word": "eĭaĭfaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "explore"}], ["eZesZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "eĭeśoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "fish (from a boat)"}], ["eZesZoZo_eZesZuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "eĭeśuoĭ", "selfSort": "eZesZuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "fisherman"}], ["eZloZ", {"word": "eĭloĭ", "cat": "dem", "def": "that one (2nd referrent, closer)"}], ["eZna", {"word": "eĭna", "cat": "det", "def": "that (2nd referrent, closer)"}], ["faimaZa", {"word": "faimaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "excuse, forgive, pardon"}], ["faimafo", {"cat": "n", "def": "pardon (official)"}], ["faisZaZ", {"word": "faiśaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "excuse, reason"}], ["fao", {"cat": "prep", "def": "for (the benefit of), for (satisfying)"}], ["fasZu", {"special": "root", "word": "faśu", "cat": "pron", "def": "something; anything [requires plural number]"}], ["fasZu_sefasZu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sefaśu", "selfSort": "sefasZu", "cat": "pron", "def": "nothing (takes plural number)"}], ["fatZaa", {"word": "fat́aa", "cat": "n", "def": "liver"}], ["fatZaZ", {"word": "fat́aĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "heart"}], ["fausoZo", {"word": "fausoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "bite"}], ["faZonoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "faĭonoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "wash, clean"}], ["faZonoZo_faZoneso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "faĭoneso", "selfSort": "faZoneso", "cat": "adj", "def": "clean, washed"}], ["fe", {"cat": "#", "def": "6 (six)", "defSort": "06"}], ["fesa", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "rope"}], ["fesa_fesasoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "fesasoĭo", "selfSort": "fesasoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "tie (down, together, to)"}], ["feunZoZo", {"word": "feuńoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "wake (a person)"}], ["feusZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "feuśoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "fly"}], ["feusZoZo_feusZafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "feuśafo", "selfSort": "feusZafo", "cat": "n", "def": "flight"}], ["feusZoZo_feusZoZmi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "feuśoĭmi", "selfSort": "feusZoZmi", "cat": "n", "def": "wing"}], ["feZsi", {"special": "root", "word": "feĭsi", "cat": "n", "def": "worth, value"}], ["feZsi_feZsipamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "feĭsipamaĭa", "selfSort": "feZsipamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "appraise, value"}], ["fiaZnoZo", {"word": "fiaĭnoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "cry, weep"}], ["fikoaZ", {"word": "fikoaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "wine"}], ["finoZo", {"word": "finoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vv", "def": "go, travel, move"}], ["finoZo_finisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "finiśi", "selfSort": "finisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "course, path, way, trail"}], ["finoZo_finoZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "finoĭno", "selfSort": "finoZno", "cat": "n", "def": "traveler"}], ["finoZo_fisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "fiśaĭ", "selfSort": "fisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "trip, voyage, pilgrimage, journey"}], ["finoZo_seefinoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seefinoĭo", "selfSort": "seefinoZo", "cat": "vv", "def": "stay, remain"}], ["fiti", {"cat": "prep", "def": "before (in time), in back of, behind (physically)"}], ["fitisaZpaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "fitisaĭpaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "warn, caution"}], ["fitisaZpaZa_fitisaZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "fitisaĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "fitisaZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "warning"}], ["foa", {"cat": "adj", "def": "no, untrue, negative"}], ["foasosZo", {"word": "foasośo", "cat": "adj", "def": "sufficient, enough"}], ["foata", {"cat": "n", "def": "road"}], ["foatia", {"cat": "n", "def": "neighbor"}], ["foo", {"cat": "n", "def": "gold"}], ["foru", {"cat": "n", "def": "drum"}], ["fosenZoZo", {"word": "foseńoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "borrow, lend"}], ["foteZpo", {"word": "foteĭpo", "cat": "n", "def": "picture"}], ["fotZili", {"special": "root", "word": "fot́ili", "cat": "n", "def": "second (length of time)"}], ["fotZili_fotZiliao", {"special": "deriv", "word": "fot́iliao", "selfSort": "fotZiliao", "cat": "n", "def": "minute (length of time)"}], ["foZsu", {"word": "foĭsu", "cat": "adj", "def": "ugly"}], ["foZteZ", {"word": "foĭteĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "bitter"}], ["foZu", {"word": "foĭu", "cat": "n", "def": "word"}], ["fu", {"cat": "adj", "def": "thin"}], ["fua", {"cat": "n", "def": "page"}], ["fuhao", {"cat": "n", "def": "book"}], ["fukua", {"cat": "n", "def": "paper"}], ["futoZo", {"word": "futoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "play"}], ["futoZo_futoZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "futoĭa", "selfSort": "futoZa", "cat": "adj", "def": "playing"}], ["futoZo_futoZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "futoĭno", "selfSort": "futoZno", "cat": "n", "def": "player, person at play"}], ["futoZo_futu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "futu", "selfSort": "futu", "cat": "adj", "def": "playful"}], ["haa", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "snake"}], ["haa_haati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "haati", "selfSort": "haati", "cat": "n", "def": "worm"}], ["haaki", {"cat": "n", "def": "desert"}], ["haanoZo", {"word": "haanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "live, reside, generally can be found in"}], ["haeZ", {"word": "haeĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "egg"}], ["hafaZa", {"word": "hafaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "lie, fib"}], ["hafaZa_hafu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hafu", "selfSort": "hafu", "cat": "adj", "def": "fake"}], ["hafaZa_hafuaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hafuaĭ", "selfSort": "hafuaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "liar"}], ["hafaZa_hasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "haśaĭ", "selfSort": "hasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "lie"}], ["halo", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "fire"}], ["halo_halati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "halati", "selfSort": "halati", "cat": "n", "def": "flame"}], ["halo_haleto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "haleto", "selfSort": "haleto", "cat": "n", "def": "bonfire"}], ["halo_haliamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "haliamaĭa", "selfSort": "haliamaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "burn"}], ["halome", {"cat": "n", "def": "volcanic mountain, volcano"}], ["hao", {"cat": "n", "def": "group, grouping, collection"}], ["hapitutaZ", {"word": "hapitutaĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "fertile"}], ["hasuZ", {"word": "hasuĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "tail"}], ["hatoZnoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "hatoĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "agree with, agree to"}], ["hatoZnoZo_hatoZnafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hatoĭnafo", "selfSort": "hatoZnafo", "cat": "n", "def": "agreement (abstract concept)"}], ["hatoZnoZo_hatoZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hatoĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "hatoZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "agreement (completed instance)"}], ["hatoZnoZo_seatoZnoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seatoĭnoĭo", "selfSort": "seatoZnoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "disagree with, disagree to"}], ["hatZupu", {"word": "hat́upu", "cat": "n", "def": "summer"}], ["haZfaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "haĭfaĭa", "cat": "vi", "def": "dance"}], ["haZfaZa_haZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "haĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "haZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "dance"}], ["haZka", {"word": "haĭka", "cat": "adj", "def": "sour (taste)"}], ["haZsa", {"special": "root", "word": "haĭsa", "cat": "adj", "def": "dangerous"}], ["haZsa_haZsisa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "haĭsisa", "selfSort": "haZsisa", "cat": "n", "def": "danger"}], ["helZefaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "heĺefaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "envy"}], ["helZefaZa_helZefafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "heĺefafo", "selfSort": "helZefafo", "cat": "n", "def": "envy"}], ["heZkaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "heĭkaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "honor, respect"}], ["heZkaZa_heZkafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "heĭkafo", "selfSort": "heZkafo", "cat": "n", "def": "honor, respect"}], ["hi", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "eye"}], ["hi_hisoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hisoĭo", "selfSort": "hisoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "notice, see, spot"}], ["hi_hisoZo_takeisoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takeisoĭo", "selfSort": "takeisoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "perceive, feel (animate agent only)"}], ["hia", {"cat": "n", "def": "bank (of a river)"}], ["hiatZala", {"word": "hiat́ala", "cat": "n", "def": "roadside"}], ["hii", {"cat": "n", "def": "art"}], ["hioesoZo", {"word": "hioesoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "wipe"}], ["hipia", {"cat": "n", "def": "cloak, shawl, mantle"}], ["hisi", {"cat": "n", "def": "apple"}], ["ho", {"cat": "n", "def": "net"}], ["hofpaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "hofpaĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "island"}], ["hofpaZa_hofpaZaao", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hofpaĭaao", "selfSort": "hofpaZaao", "cat": "n", "def": "archipelago, island group"}], ["hofpaZa_hofpaZati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "hofpaĭati", "selfSort": "hofpaZati", "cat": "n", "def": "islet"}], ["hoi", {"cat": "n", "def": "silver"}], ["hokaZa", {"word": "hokaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "squeeze"}], ["hokanZoZo", {"word": "hokańoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "drown"}], ["hosateu", {"cat": "n", "def": "plain"}], ["hu", {"cat": "#", "def": "1 (one)", "defSort": "01"}], ["huha", {"cat": "n", "def": "family"}], ["huiamaZa", {"word": "huiamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "to be related, have (family member)"}], ["huka", {"cat": "adj", "def": "first"}], ["huki", {"cat": "pron", "def": "we (dual, exclusive)"}], ["hulo", {"cat": "adj", "def": "lonely, lonesome"}], ["hunZa", {"word": "huńa", "cat": "pron", "def": "we (plural, exclusive)"}], ["huru", {"cat": "pron", "def": "we (paucal, exclusive)"}], ["husa", {"cat": "pron", "def": "I"}], ["hute", {"cat": "n", "def": "number"}], ["huZsenoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "huĭsenoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "mean"}], ["huZsenoZo_huZsenafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "huĭsenafo", "selfSort": "huZsenafo", "cat": "n", "def": "meaning, intention"}], ["huZu", {"special": "root", "word": "huĭu", "cat": "adj", "def": "embarassing"}], ["huZu_huZsaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "huĭsaĭ", "selfSort": "huZsaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "embarassment; chagrin"}], ["ia", {"cat": "adj", "def": "red"}], ["iahaZa", {"word": "iahaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "laugh"}], ["iahaZa_iahafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "iahafo", "selfSort": "iahafo", "cat": "n", "def": "laughter"}], ["iahaZa_iasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "iaśaĭ", "selfSort": "iasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "laugh"}], ["iamaZa", {"word": "iamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "seem, resemble"}], ["iata", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "smart, intelligent"}], ["iata_iatisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "iatisaĭ", "selfSort": "iatisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "intelligence"}], ["iata_kumiata", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kumiata", "selfSort": "kumiata", "cat": "n", "def": "genius, smart person"}], ["iaZ", {"word": "iaĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "continuous, continuously"}], ["iaZsoZo", {"word": "iaĭsoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "trick"}], ["ieZ", {"word": "ieĭ", "cat": "prep", "def": "except, but"}], ["ifke", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "sick, ill"}], ["ifke_ifkisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ifkisaĭ", "selfSort": "ifkisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "sickness, illness"}], ["iipke", {"cat": "adj", "def": "foolish"}], ["iisZoZo", {"word": "iiśoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "to be able to do, could, can"}], ["ikeukaZa", {"word": "ikeukaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "send, deliver"}], ["iki", {"special": "root", "cat": "conj", "def": "that (expanding on previous thought), conjunction linking preceding adverbial to the following independant clause"}], ["iki_ikilo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ikilo", "selfSort": "ikilo", "cat": "conj", "def": "indeed; it should be emphasized that; in fact"}], ["ikireta", {"cat": "n", "def": "table"}], ["ilaa", {"cat": "n", "def": "bone"}], ["ilonoZo", {"word": "ilonoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "yell, shout"}], ["ilu", {"cat": "#", "def": "11 (eleven)"}], ["ilZui", {"word": "iĺui", "cat": "adj", "def": "crazy"}], ["impolo", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "secret"}], ["impolo_impolisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "impolisaĭ", "selfSort": "impolisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "secrecy"}], ["inau", {"cat": "conj", "def": "because"}], ["inaZo", {"word": "inaĭo", "cat": "n", "def": "voice"}], ["infi", {"cat": "n", "def": "neck, throat"}], ["inofpe", {"cat": "adj", "def": "rough, coarse (compare foapatio)"}], ["inti", {"cat": "n", "def": "wife"}], ["iomaZa", {"word": "iomaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "marry"}], ["iomana", {"cat": "n", "def": "husband"}], ["ionoZo", {"word": "ionoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "say, speak, tell, talk"}], ["ionoZo_esionoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "esionoĭo", "selfSort": "esionoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "was spoken by"}], ["ionata", {"cat": "n", "def": "shop, store"}], ["iosisoZo", {"word": "iosisoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "pass"}], ["ioZsoZo", {"word": "ioĭsoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "listen"}], ["ipanoZo", {"word": "ipanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "like, appreciate"}], ["ipoka", {"cat": "n", "def": "foot (unit of measure)"}], ["iruo", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "soul, mind"}], ["iruo_iruisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "iruisaĭ", "selfSort": "iruisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "idea"}], ["isaZ", {"word": "isaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "thing"}], ["isea", {"cat": "adj", "def": "tall, lofty, height"}], ["iseisaZ", {"word": "iseisaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "height"}], ["isi", {"cat": "n", "def": "ear"}], ["isita", {"cat": "adj", "def": "stupid, dumb"}], ["isomaZa", {"word": "isomaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "to be made of, composed of, comprising"}], ["itikto", {"cat": "adj", "def": "expensive, costly"}], ["itolo", {"cat": "n", "def": "north"}], ["iu", {"cat": "conj", "def": "if"}], ["iumaZa", {"word": "iumaĭa", "cat": "vi", "def": "stand"}], ["iusZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "iuśoĭo", "cat": "vv", "def": "follow"}], ["iusZoZo_iusZu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "iuśu", "selfSort": "iusZu", "cat": "adj", "def": "following"}], ["iuZtZio", {"word": "iuĭt́io", "cat": "n", "def": "squirrel"}], ["ka", {"cat": "#", "def": "5 (five)", "defSort": "05"}], ["kafa", {"cat": "pron", "def": "it (singular, inanimate, formal/informal); add -ki or -ru to denote dual or paucal, respectively."}], ["kafetoi", {"cat": "n", "def": "example"}], ["kake", {"cat": "prep", "def": "then; afterward; in front of; ahead (physically)"}], ["kala", {"cat": "n", "def": "animal (land)"}], ["kaleZlo", {"word": "kaleĭlo", "cat": "n", "def": "boyfriend"}], ["kaleZsa", {"word": "kaleĭsa", "cat": "n", "def": "girlfriend"}], ["kamaZa", {"word": "kamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "be (permanent characteristics)"}], ["kamanoZo", {"word": "kamanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "keep, maintain"}], ["kani", {"cat": "n", "def": "nose"}], ["kanko", {"cat": "n", "def": "meat"}], ["kantaZ", {"word": "kantaĭ", "cat": "#", "def": "50 (fifty)"}], ["kanZa", {"word": "kańa", "cat": "pron", "def": "they (plural, inanimate, formal/informal)"}], ["karaisaZ", {"word": "karaisaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "information, news, message (intangible)"}], ["karaki", {"cat": "n", "def": "doll"}], ["karau", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "message (physical thing)"}], ["karau_karaati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "karaati", "selfSort": "karaati", "cat": "n", "def": "note"}], ["kariso", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "soldier"}], ["kariso_karisoao", {"special": "deriv", "word": "karisoao", "selfSort": "karisoao", "cat": "n", "def": "company, troop, unit, etc. of soldiers"}], ["kartZa", {"special": "root", "word": "kart́a", "cat": "n", "def": "person, being, self, human, people"}], ["kartZa_kartZaao", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kart́aao", "selfSort": "kartZaao", "cat": "n", "def": "a people, a racial group"}], ["kartZara", {"word": "kart́ara", "cat": "n", "def": "kartara (lang, people name) (lit: sand-person)"}], ["kartZaralome", {"word": "kart́aralome", "cat": "n", "def": "kartaralome (lit: sand-person of the volcanoes)"}], ["kasu", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "fear"}], ["kasu_kasukopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kasukopa", "selfSort": "kasukopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "afraid, scared"}], ["kasu_kasupaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kasupaĭa", "selfSort": "kasupaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "frighten, scare"}], ["kasu_kasupaZa_kasusZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kasuśaĭ", "selfSort": "kasusZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "fright"}], ["kasu_kasupaZa_kasusZaZ_kasusZeto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kasuśeto", "selfSort": "kasusZeto", "cat": "n", "def": "terror"}], ["kasu_kasupaZa_kasusZaZ_kusZeto_kasusZetosoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kasuśetosoĭo", "selfSort": "kasusZetosoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "terrorize"}], ["kasZaotoZo", {"word": "kaśaotoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "copy (writing)"}], ["kata", {"cat": "n", "def": "edge"}], ["kataka", {"cat": "adj", "def": "holy, holiness"}], ["katapoto", {"cat": "n", "def": "cliff"}], ["kateu", {"cat": "n", "def": "candle"}], ["katosoZo", {"word": "katosoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "call (to someone, something)"}], ["katZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "kat́oĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "encircle, surround"}], ["katZoZo_katZafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kat́afo", "selfSort": "katZafo", "cat": "n", "def": "circle, ring"}], ["katZoZo_katZoZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kat́oĭa", "selfSort": "katZoZa", "cat": "adj", "def": "encircling, around, about"}], ["katZoZo_katZu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kat́u", "selfSort": "katZu", "cat": "adj", "def": "round, spherical"}], ["katZoZo_katZu_katZusuZtu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kat́usuĭtu", "selfSort": "katZusuZtu", "cat": "n", "def": "wreath of flowers"}], ["katZoZo_katZu_katZutano", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kat́utano", "selfSort": "katZutano", "cat": "n", "def": "wreath of leaves"}], ["katZaZsoZo", {"word": "kat́aĭsoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "return, give back (something)"}], ["katZinoZo", {"word": "kat́inoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "return, go back"}], ["kauko", {"cat": "ex", "def": "goodbye, farewell"}], ["kaZfohepe", {"special": "root", "word": "kaĭfohepe", "cat": "n", "def": "demon, devil, evil creature"}], ["kaZfohepe_kaZfoepekoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kaĭfoepekoe", "selfSort": "kaZfoepekoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "demonic"}], ["kaZu", {"word": "kaĭu", "cat": "n", "def": "week, seven days"}], ["ke", {"cat": "n", "def": "god"}], ["kepisoZo", {"word": "kepisoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "want, desire"}], ["kepisoZo_kepisafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kepisafo", "selfSort": "kepisafo", "cat": "n", "def": "want, desire"}], ["kesZa", {"word": "keśa", "cat": "n", "def": "star"}], ["ketoZo", {"word": "ketoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "give"}], ["ketoZo_kesZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "keśaĭ", "selfSort": "kesZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "gift"}], ["ketoZo_takeketoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takeketoĭo", "selfSort": "takeketoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "grant, award"}], ["ketoZo_takeketoZo_takeketisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takeketiśaĭ", "selfSort": "takeketisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "award"}], ["ketisoZo", {"word": "ketisoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "show, display"}], ["ketisoZo_takeketisoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takeketisoĭo", "selfSort": "takeketisoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "demonstrate, prove"}], ["ketZesoZo", {"word": "ket́esoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "thank"}], ["keu", {"cat": "ex", "def": "hello"}], ["keZa", {"word": "keĭa", "cat": "prep", "def": "under, underneath, beneath"}], ["keZtZala", {"word": "keĭt́ala", "cat": "n", "def": "underground"}], ["ki", {"cat": "#", "def": "2 (two)", "defSort": "02"}], ["kianoZo", {"word": "kianoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "touch"}], ["kie", {"cat": "n", "def": "half"}], ["kihisoZo", {"word": "kihisoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "worry"}], ["kihisoZo_kiisoZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kiisoĭno", "selfSort": "kiisoZno", "cat": "n", "def": "worrier"}], ["kihisoZo_kiisuiamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kiisuiamaĭa", "selfSort": "kiisuiamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "nagging"}], ["kihisoZo_kiisuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kiisuoĭ", "selfSort": "kiisuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "nagger"}], ["kikafaZa", {"word": "kikafaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "catch, grab"}], ["kimi", {"cat": "adj", "def": "cold"}], ["kintaZ", {"word": "kintaĭ", "cat": "#", "def": "20 (twenty)"}], ["kio", {"cat": "n", "def": "key"}], ["kirampati", {"cat": "n", "def": "valley"}], ["kirampoto", {"cat": "n", "def": "canyon"}], ["kiu", {"cat": "n", "def": "air"}], ["kiunoZo", {"word": "kiunoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "breathe"}], ["koa", {"cat": "n", "def": "west"}], ["koalZtZuke", {"word": "koaĺt́uke", "cat": "n", "def": "nature, the natural world"}], ["koeZ", {"word": "koeĭ", "cat": "int", "def": "how much, how many"}], ["koka", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "weak"}], ["koka_kokapaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kokapaĭa", "selfSort": "kokapaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "weaken"}], ["koka_kokapu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kokapu", "selfSort": "kokapu", "cat": "adj", "def": "fragile"}], ["kompu", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "sky"}], ["kompu_kompisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kompisaĭ", "selfSort": "kompisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "weather, climate"}], ["kora", {"cat": "n", "def": "lock"}], ["koso", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "sheep"}], ["koso_kosisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kosisaĭ", "selfSort": "kosisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "wool"}], ["kotZo", {"special": "root", "word": "kot́o", "cat": "adj", "def": "fast, quick"}], ["kotZo_kotZopaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kot́opaĭa", "selfSort": "kotZopaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "hurry, rush"}], ["koZ", {"special": "root", "word": "koĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "brave"}], ["koZ_kisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kisaĭ", "selfSort": "kisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "bravery, courage"}], ["koZasu", {"word": "koĭasu", "cat": "n", "def": "story, tale"}], ["koZmeZ", {"special": "root", "word": "koĭmeĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "strong"}], ["koZmeZ_koZmeZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "koĭmeĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "koZmeZpaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "strengthen"}], ["koZmeZ_koZmisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "koĭmisaĭ", "selfSort": "koZmisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "strength"}], ["kua", {"cat": "n", "def": "hand"}], ["kukofaZa", {"word": "kukofaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "open"}], ["kukusoZo", {"word": "kukusoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vv", "def": "enter, go in"}], ["kukusoZo_kukusisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kukusiśi", "selfSort": "kukusisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "entrance, entry (place)"}], ["kukusoZo_kukusZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kukuśaĭ", "selfSort": "kukusZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "entrance, entry (completed action)"}], ["kulafaZa", {"word": "kulafaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "fight"}], ["kulafaZa_kulafafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kulafafo", "selfSort": "kulafafo", "cat": "n", "def": "aggression"}], ["kulafaZa_kulafaZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kulafaĭno", "selfSort": "kulafaZno", "cat": "n", "def": "fighter"}], ["kulafaZa_kulafu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kulafu", "selfSort": "kulafu", "cat": "adj", "def": "aggressive"}], ["kulafaZa_kulafuti", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kulafuti", "selfSort": "kulafuti", "cat": "n", "def": "fight (action in progress)"}], ["kulafaZa_kulasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kulaśaĭ", "selfSort": "kulasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "fight, brawl (completed)"}], ["kulo", {"cat": "n", "def": "boy"}], ["kupo", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "moon"}], ["kupo_kupisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kupisaĭ", "selfSort": "kupisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "month"}], ["kupoasoZo", {"word": "kupoasoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "flow, stream, trickle"}], ["kusa", {"cat": "n", "def": "girl"}], ["kusia", {"cat": "n", "def": "fog, esp. over land"}], ["kusuo", {"cat": "n", "def": "mist, esp. over water"}], ["kuZnoZo", {"word": "kuĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "to make/give quality [to patient]"}], ["kuZu", {"word": "kuĭu", "cat": "n", "def": "east"}], ["oa", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "lake, pond"}], ["oa_oati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oati", "selfSort": "oati", "cat": "n", "def": "puddle"}], ["oakaZa", {"word": "oakaĭa", "cat": "vv", "def": "crouch, kneel"}], ["oapaZa", {"word": "oapaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "should (do)"}], ["oasoZo", {"word": "oasoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "grow, swell"}], ["oasoZo_oasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oaśaĭ", "selfSort": "oasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "growth"}], ["oase", {"cat": "n", "def": "knee"}], ["oe", {"cat": "conj", "def": "though"}], ["oesoZo", {"word": "oesoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "eat"}], ["oesoZo_oesoZmi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oesoĭmi", "selfSort": "oesoZmi", "cat": "adj", "def": "edible"}], ["oesoZo_oesoZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oesoĭsi", "selfSort": "oesoZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "food"}], ["oesoZo_oesoZsi_oesoZseto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oesoĭseto", "selfSort": "oesoZseto", "cat": "n", "def": "feast, banquet"}], ["ohaZtoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "ohaĭtoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "vomit, throw up"}], ["ohaZtoZo_ohaZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ohaĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "ohaZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "vomit"}], ["ohia", {"cat": "n", "def": "law"}], ["oho", {"cat": "adj", "def": "dry"}], ["okal", {"special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "live (opp. of die)"}], ["okal_okalafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "okalafo", "selfSort": "okalafo", "cat": "n", "def": "life"}], ["okal_okaleso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "okaleso", "selfSort": "okaleso", "cat": "adj", "def": "undead"}], ["okal_okaleso_kumokaleso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kumokaleso", "selfSort": "kumokaleso", "cat": "n", "def": "undead"}], ["okal_okalu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "okalu", "selfSort": "okalu", "cat": "adj", "def": "alive, living"}], ["oke", {"cat": "prep", "def": "like, as, akin to"}], ["okio", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "long"}], ["okio_okiisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "okiisaĭ", "selfSort": "okiisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "length; distance"}], ["okio_okiopaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "okiopaĭa", "selfSort": "okiopaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "lengthen"}], ["okoZlasu", {"word": "okoĭlasu", "cat": "n", "def": "history"}], ["oksomse", {"cat": "adj", "def": "gray"}], ["okuZ", {"word": "okuĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "wind"}], ["olfi", {"cat": "n", "def": "feather"}], ["oloa", {"cat": "n", "def": "cloud"}], ["olu", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "sun"}], ["olu_olukopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "olukopa", "selfSort": "olukopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "sunny"}], ["olZa", {"word": "oĺa", "cat": "adj", "def": "soon"}], ["olZai", {"word": "oĺai", "cat": "adj", "def": "last, final (in sequence)"}], ["olZe", {"word": "oĺe", "cat": "adj", "def": "dull (not sharp)"}], ["omai", {"cat": "adj", "def": "heavy"}], ["omatifaZa", {"word": "omatifaĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "basket, lit. thing-that-carries (om-atif-aĭa)"}], ["ome", {"cat": "n", "def": "mountain"}], ["omepato", {"cat": "n", "def": "peak (of a mountain)"}], ["omepiraZ", {"word": "omepiraĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "crest (of a mountain)"}], ["omeunZi", {"word": "omeuńi", "cat": "n", "def": "mountain range"}], ["ona", {"cat": "adj", "def": "quiet, soft (sound)"}], ["onipsa", {"cat": "n", "def": "shell, covering"}], ["onZtZu", {"word": "ońt́u", "cat": "adj", "def": "special"}], ["oo", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "blood"}], ["oo_ookopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ookopa", "selfSort": "ookopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "bloody"}], ["oopaZa", {"word": "oopaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "expect"}], ["oopaZa_oopafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oopafo", "selfSort": "oopafo", "cat": "n", "def": "expectation"}], ["ooZ", {"word": "ooĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "semen"}], ["oplo", {"cat": "prep", "def": "beside, next to, close to, by"}], ["oposo", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "rich, wealthy"}], ["oposo_fooposo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "fooposo", "selfSort": "fooposo", "cat": "adj", "def": "poor"}], ["opoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "opoĭo", "cat": "adj", "def": "loud"}], ["opoZo_opoZopaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "opoĭopaĭa", "selfSort": "opoZopaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "be loud"}], ["opoZo_opoZsaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "opoĭsaĭ", "selfSort": "opoZsaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "loudness"}], ["opoZo_opoZsaZ_opoZseto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "opoĭseto", "selfSort": "opoZseto", "cat": "n", "def": "thunder"}], ["opuo", {"cat": "n", "def": "spool"}], ["orioto", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "real"}], ["orioto_foorioto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "foorioto", "selfSort": "foorioto", "cat": "adj", "def": "illusory"}], ["orioto_foorioto_fooriotisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "fooriotisaĭ", "selfSort": "fooriotisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "illusion"}], ["oruko", {"cat": "n", "def": "animal (water, not fishlike)"}], ["osanoZo", {"word": "osanoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "sit"}], ["ose", {"cat": "n", "def": "river"}], ["osealZsZe", {"word": "oseaĺśe", "cat": "n", "def": "swamp, marsh"}], ["osefpe", {"cat": "n", "def": "rapids (on a river)"}], ["osei", {"cat": "adj", "def": "light (not heavy)"}], ["osenupi", {"cat": "n", "def": "delta"}], ["osetZala", {"word": "oset́ala", "cat": "n", "def": "street, trail (lit. river of earth)"}], ["oso", {"cat": "n", "def": "fish (generic)"}], ["ososZoZo", {"word": "osośoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "search"}], ["osZaZ", {"special": "root", "word": "ośaĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "mysterious, unknown, questionable"}], ["osZaZ_osZisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ośisaĭ", "selfSort": "osZisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "mystery, the unknown"}], ["osZo", {"word": "ośo", "cat": "adj", "def": "wet"}], ["ota", {"cat": "n", "def": "leg"}], ["otakisoZo", {"word": "otakisoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "meet"}], ["otapaZa", {"word": "otapaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "throw (something)"}], ["oti", {"cat": "n", "def": "louse"}], ["otuke", {"cat": "n", "def": "plate, dish"}], ["oZokeZa", {"word": "oĭokeĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "wilderness"}], ["oZoki", {"word": "oĭoki", "cat": "adj", "def": "wild, untamed"}], ["oZomo", {"word": "oĭomo", "cat": "n", "def": "plant (small, land-based)"}], ["oZpupaZa", {"word": "oĭpupaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "receive, accept, take (this)"}], ["oZsienoZo", {"word": "oĭsienoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "dig"}], ["oZtZoma", {"special": "root", "word": "oĭt́oma", "cat": "adj", "def": "different"}], ["oZtZoma_oZtZomisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "oĭt́omisaĭ", "selfSort": "oZtZomisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "difference"}], ["pa", {"cat": "#", "def": "3 (three)", "defSort": "03"}], ["pai", {"cat": "n", "def": "mouth"}], ["pakasa", {"cat": "n", "def": "snow"}], ["pakaunoZo", {"word": "pakaunoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "measure"}], ["pakhaZtoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "pakhaĭtoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "command, order"}], ["pakhaZtoZo_pakhaZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pakhaĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "pakhaZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "command, order"}], ["pala", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "dark, dim"}], ["pala_palisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "palisaĭ", "selfSort": "palisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "darkness"}], ["palaku", {"cat": "n", "def": "chest (body part)"}], ["pali", {"cat": "int", "def": "how"}], ["pamaZa", {"word": "pamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "get, obtain (compare paĭm)"}], ["panZoZo", {"word": "pańoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "kill"}], ["paonZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "paońoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "subtract, remove"}], ["paonZoZo_paonZu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "paońu", "selfSort": "paonZu", "cat": "adj", "def": "less, fewer"}], ["paonZoZo_paonZu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "paońu", "selfSort": "paonZu", "cat": "adj", "def": "missing, lost (inanimate)"}], ["papaZsa", {"word": "papaĭsa", "cat": "n", "def": "inn, hotel"}], ["pasoZo", {"word": "pasoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "light, shine, illuminate"}], ["pasoZo_pasetu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasetu", "selfSort": "pasetu", "cat": "adj", "def": "light, bright"}], ["pasoZo_pasetu_pasetisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasetisaĭ", "selfSort": "pasetisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "bright light"}], ["pasoZo_pasetu_pasetisaZ_pasetiseto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasetiseto", "selfSort": "pasetiseto", "cat": "n", "def": "lightning, electricity"}], ["pasoZo_pasoZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasoĭa", "selfSort": "pasoZa", "cat": "n", "def": "light"}], ["pasati_pasatisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasatisaĭ", "selfSort": "pasatisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "clock, timepiece, time itself"}], ["paskapako", {"cat": "n", "def": "hemlock tree"}], ["paso", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "day (length of time)"}], ["paso_pasati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasati", "selfSort": "pasati", "cat": "n", "def": "hour"}], ["paso_pasoao", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pasoao", "selfSort": "pasoao", "cat": "n", "def": "week"}], ["patio", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "smooth, put together, straight"}], ["patio_foapatio", {"special": "deriv", "word": "foapatio", "selfSort": "foapatio", "cat": "adj", "def": "rough, ragged (compare inofpe)"}], ["patupo", {"cat": "n", "def": "year"}], ["patZka", {"word": "pat́ka", "cat": "n", "def": "belly"}], ["pauZ", {"word": "pauĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "back (part of body)"}], ["paZ", {"word": "paĭ", "cat": "prep", "def": "for (the desire or purpose of), for (a period of time/distance), about, at (object, event, non-location), because of"}], ["paZe", {"word": "paĭe", "cat": "n", "def": "brain, mind"}], ["paZka", {"word": "paĭka", "cat": "n", "def": "ice"}], ["paZmaZa", {"word": "paĭmaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "get, retrieve, recover (compare pam)"}], ["paZoZ", {"word": "paĭoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "type, class, category"}], ["paZtaZ", {"word": "paĭtaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "ford, crossing"}], ["pefaZ", {"word": "pefaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "tea"}], ["pei", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "dog"}], ["pei_kamopei", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kamopei", "selfSort": "kamopei", "cat": "adj", "def": "loyal"}], ["pei_kamopei_kamopeisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kamopeisaĭ", "selfSort": "kamopeisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "loyalty"}], ["penoZo", {"word": "penoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "can, may, is allowed to (do)"}], ["pepa", {"cat": "pron", "def": "you (singular, informal)"}], ["pepaZtu", {"word": "pepaĭtu", "cat": "n", "def": "debt"}], ["peroZ", {"word": "peroĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "ceiling, roof"}], ["peZalZsZe", {"word": "peĭaĺśe", "cat": "adj", "def": "slow"}], ["peZka", {"word": "peĭka", "cat": "n", "def": "prisoner"}], ["piasoZo", {"word": "piasoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "smile"}], ["piaZ", {"word": "piaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "home"}], ["piaZsko", {"word": "piaĭsko", "cat": "n", "def": "bird nest"}], ["piesoZo", {"word": "piesoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "cook"}], ["pietaaZ", {"word": "pietaaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "story"}], ["pika", {"cat": "n", "def": "bronze"}], ["pikaZla", {"word": "pikaĭla", "cat": "n", "def": "non-bird nest, warren, den"}], ["piki", {"cat": "pron", "def": "you (dual, informal)"}], ["pinZa", {"word": "pińa", "cat": "pron", "def": "you (plural, informal)"}], ["piofaZa", {"word": "piofaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "free (not constrained), liberate"}], ["piofaZa_piofafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "piofafo", "selfSort": "piofafo", "cat": "n", "def": "freedom, liberty"}], ["pipaZa", {"word": "pipaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "push, shove"}], ["pipina", {"cat": "n", "def": "deer"}], ["piraZ", {"special": "root", "word": "piraĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "upper, upwards, upstream, high (not low)"}], ["piraZ_piraZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "piraĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "piraZpaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "raise, lift"}], ["piru", {"cat": "pron", "def": "you (paucal, informal)"}], ["piruZ", {"special": "root", "word": "piruĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "lower (not upper), downwards, downstream, low"}], ["piruZ_piruZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "piruĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "piruZpaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "drop, lower, sink, go down, descend (carefully)"}], ["pisikaZa", {"word": "pisikaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "hate"}], ["pisou", {"cat": "n", "def": "foot"}], ["pitauZ", {"word": "pitauĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "tooth"}], ["piu", {"cat": "n", "def": "toe"}], ["piura", {"cat": "n", "def": "rose"}], ["po", {"cat": "#", "def": "8 (eight)", "defSort": "08"}], ["poa", {"cat": "n", "def": "lip"}], ["poanoZo", {"word": "poanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "kiss"}], ["poe", {"cat": "n", "def": "sword"}], ["pofe", {"cat": "adj", "def": "white"}], ["pokata", {"cat": "n", "def": "shrine"}], ["pokaZ", {"word": "pokaĭ", "cat": "pron", "def": "reflexive pronoun, informal"}], ["pokenZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "pokeńoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "choose"}], ["pokenZoZo_pokesZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pokeśaĭ", "selfSort": "pokesZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "choice"}], ["pokiko", {"cat": "adj", "def": "probable"}], ["poofaZa", {"word": "poofaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "die"}], ["poofaZa_poofafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "poofafo", "selfSort": "poofafo", "cat": "n", "def": "death"}], ["poofaZa_poofaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "poofaĭa", "selfSort": "poofaZa", "cat": "adj", "def": "dying"}], ["poofaZa_poofeso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "poofeso", "selfSort": "poofeso", "cat": "adj", "def": "dead"}], ["pooZ", {"word": "pooĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "moss"}], ["popaZa", {"word": "popaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "scratch"}], ["poroo", {"cat": "n", "def": "body"}], ["porto", {"cat": "adj", "def": "boring, tedious"}], ["posko", {"cat": "n", "def": "bird"}], ["potkamaZa", {"word": "potkamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "fold (something)"}], ["poto", {"cat": "adj", "def": "sharp"}], ["potusoZo", {"word": "potusoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "place, set down"}], ["potZaa", {"word": "pot́aa", "cat": "n", "def": "tool"}], ["poZsatZoZo", {"word": "poĭsat́oĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "regret"}], ["pu", {"cat": "adj", "def": "now, currently"}], ["puafaZa", {"word": "puafaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "believe"}], ["puafaZa_puasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "puaśaĭ", "selfSort": "puasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "belief, opinion"}], ["pufaZa", {"word": "pufaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "be (transient properties, current location, etc)"}], ["pukunoZo", {"word": "pukunoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "divide, partition, part, portion out; one becomes many"}], ["pukunoZo_pukunuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "pukunuoĭ", "selfSort": "pukunuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "part, portion"}], ["pupaZ", {"word": "pupaĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "sweet (taste)"}], ["puZa", {"word": "puĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "dress"}], ["puZeZ", {"word": "puĭeĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "flat"}], ["puZpaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "puĭpaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "ask"}], ["puZpaZa_puZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "puĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "puZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "question"}], ["puZpaZa_takpuZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takpuĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "takpuZpaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "demand"}], ["puZsahaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "puĭsahaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "answer, respond"}], ["puZsahaZa_puZsasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "puĭsaśaĭ", "selfSort": "puZsasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "answer, response"}], ["puZtia", {"word": "puĭtia", "cat": "n", "def": "wheat"}], ["saasoZo", {"word": "saasoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "sleep"}], ["saasoZo_saaseso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "saaseso", "selfSort": "saaseso", "cat": "adj", "def": "asleep"}], ["saasoZo_saasu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "saasu", "selfSort": "saasu", "cat": "adj", "def": "sleepy, tired"}], ["saasoZo_saasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "saaśaĭ", "selfSort": "saasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "sleep (completed action)"}], ["saitZoZo", {"word": "sait́oĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "greet"}], ["saki", {"cat": "adj", "def": "next, following (in sequence)"}], ["sakoi", {"cat": "adj", "def": "cheap"}], ["sali", {"cat": "n", "def": "bridge"}], ["salo", {"cat": "int", "def": "what"}], ["sanoZo", {"word": "sanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "use"}], ["santusoZo", {"word": "santusoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "teach, instruct, inform"}], ["santusoZo_santusisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "santusiśi", "selfSort": "santusisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "schoolhouse"}], ["santusoZo_santusoZmi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "santusoĭmi", "selfSort": "santusoZmi", "cat": "n", "def": "student, teachable person"}], ["santusoZo_santusoZmi_santusoZmipaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "santusoĭmipaĭa", "selfSort": "santusoZmipaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "learn (from someone's instruction)"}], ["santusoZo_santusuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "santusuoĭ", "selfSort": "santusuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "teacher"}], ["santusoZo_santusZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "santuśaĭ", "selfSort": "santusZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "instruction, information taught"}], ["santusoZo_santusZeto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "santuśeto", "selfSort": "santusZeto", "cat": "n", "def": "university"}], ["sanu", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "thick (z-axis)"}], ["sanu_sanisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sanisaĭ", "selfSort": "sanisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "depth (z-axis)"}], ["sanu_sanupaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sanupaĭa", "selfSort": "sanupaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "thicken (z-axis)"}], ["sanu_sanupaZa_seesanupaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seesanupaĭa", "selfSort": "seesanupaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "unthicken (z-axis)"}], ["saoZku", {"word": "saoĭku", "cat": "n", "def": "map"}], ["sapaZa", {"word": "sapaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "rub"}], ["sasiasoZo", {"word": "sasiasoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "annoy, bother"}], ["sasisoZo", {"word": "sasisoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "crawl"}], ["sasisoZo_sasisoZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sasisoĭno", "selfSort": "sasisoZno", "cat": "n", "def": "toddler, crawling baby"}], ["sasoo", {"cat": "adj", "def": "same, alike"}], ["sasZimaZa", {"word": "saśimaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "must (do)"}], ["satasZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "sataśoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "dream"}], ["satasZoZo_satasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sataśaĭ", "selfSort": "satasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "dream"}], ["satoka", {"cat": "n", "def": "jacket"}], ["satuZke", {"word": "satuĭke", "cat": "n", "def": "game"}], ["sau", {"cat": "adj", "def": "late"}], ["sauZ", {"word": "sauĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "shoe"}], ["se", {"cat": "n", "def": "salt"}], ["sea", {"cat": "n", "def": "seed"}], ["seatoZo", {"word": "seatoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "bring, birth"}], ["seaZ", {"word": "seaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "baby"}], ["seaZta", {"word": "seaĭta", "cat": "n", "def": "parent"}], ["see", {"cat": "#", "def": "0 (zero)", "defSort": "00"}], ["seinoZo", {"word": "seinoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "close"}], ["selekaZa", {"word": "selekaĭa", "cat": "vi", "def": "run"}], ["selesoZo", {"word": "selesoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "jump"}], ["sesoZo", {"word": "sesoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "walk"}], ["sestaka", {"cat": "n", "def": "walking stick, cane"}], ["sete", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "empty, hollow"}], ["sete_setepaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "setepaĭa", "selfSort": "setepaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "empty out, hollow out"}], ["sete_setisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "setisaĭ", "selfSort": "setisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "emptiness"}], ["seZo", {"word": "seĭo", "cat": "n", "def": "poppy"}], ["seZonZoZo", {"word": "seĭońoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "please (may I, can you, etc), request of"}], ["si", {"cat": "prep", "def": "with, having, holding"}], ["sia", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "boat, ship"}], ["sia_siasikieto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "siasikieto", "selfSort": "siasikieto", "cat": "n", "def": "hide-boat (specific type of canoe)"}], ["sia_siati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "siati", "selfSort": "siati", "cat": "n", "def": "canoe, small boat"}], ["sia_siati_siatisoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "siatisoĭo", "selfSort": "siatisoZo", "cat": "vi", "def": "canoeing, operating a small boat"}], ["sikio", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "skin"}], ["sikio_sikieto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sikieto", "selfSort": "sikieto", "cat": "n", "def": "hide (of an animal)"}], ["silZao", {"special": "root", "word": "siĺao", "cat": "n", "def": "stern (back of boat)"}], ["silZao_silZaokoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "siĺaokoe", "selfSort": "silZaokoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "backwards, behind of, back of"}], ["sinoZo", {"word": "sinoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "remember"}], ["sinoZo_seesinoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seesinoĭo", "selfSort": "seesinoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "forget"}], ["sinoZo_seesinoZo_seesinoZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seesinoĭno", "selfSort": "seesinoZno", "cat": "n", "def": "forgetful person, amnesiac"}], ["sinoZo_sinoZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sinoĭsi", "selfSort": "sinoZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "memory"}], ["sipuZeZ", {"word": "sipuĭeĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "raft"}], ["siufaZa", {"word": "siufaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "hope, wish"}], ["siupaa", {"cat": "n", "def": "pants, trousers"}], ["soefaZa", {"word": "soefaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "love (romantic)"}], ["soefaZa_soefafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "soefafo", "selfSort": "soefafo", "cat": "n", "def": "romantic love"}], ["soi", {"cat": "n", "def": "money"}], ["sokanZoZo", {"word": "sokańoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "swim"}], ["soko", {"cat": "adj", "def": "early"}], ["sokuZ", {"word": "sokuĭ", "cat": "conj", "def": "while, at the same time as"}], ["solioZ", {"special": "root", "word": "solioĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "price, cost"}], ["solioZ_solioZpamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "solioĭpamaĭa", "selfSort": "solioZpamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "pay"}], ["solioZ_solioZpamaZa_solioZpasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "solioĭpaśaĭ", "selfSort": "solioZpasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "payment"}], ["somusoZo", {"word": "somusoĭo", "cat": "vv", "def": "roll, spin"}], ["sonimaZa", {"word": "sonimaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "work"}], ["sonimaZa_sonimaZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sonimaĭsi", "selfSort": "sonimaZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "job"}], ["sonimaZa_sonimuaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sonimuaĭ", "selfSort": "sonimuaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "worker"}], ["sonimaZa_sonimuti", {"special": "deriv", "word": "sonimuti", "selfSort": "sonimuti", "cat": "n", "def": "work, exertion (in progress)"}], ["sonimaZa_sonisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "soniśaĭ", "selfSort": "sonisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "work, exertion (completed)"}], ["sono", {"cat": "adj", "def": "only, without others, solely, exclusively"}], ["sopa", {"cat": "n", "def": "smoke"}], ["sopio", {"cat": "n", "def": "ribbon"}], ["sopo", {"cat": "n", "def": "ashes"}], ["sora", {"cat": "n", "def": "music"}], ["sorio", {"cat": "n", "def": "tune, melody"}], ["soru", {"cat": "n", "def": "song"}], ["sosiso", {"cat": "n", "def": "pen"}], ["sosZifaZa", {"word": "sośifaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "help"}], ["sosZo", {"word": "sośo", "cat": "adj", "def": "insufficient, not enough"}], ["sosZtZoko", {"word": "sośt́oko", "cat": "n", "def": "wagon, wheeled cart"}], ["sou", {"cat": "n", "def": "wheel, ball"}], ["soupaZa", {"word": "soupaĭa", "cat": "vi", "def": "float, rise, ascend, go up"}], ["soZ", {"word": "soĭ", "cat": "conj", "def": "of the following: introduces a list"}], ["soZsoZo", {"word": "soĭsoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "taste"}], ["su", {"cat": "#", "def": "4 (four)", "defSort": "04"}], ["suafaZa", {"word": "suafaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "hear"}], ["suafaZa_suafao", {"special": "deriv", "word": "suafao", "selfSort": "suafao", "cat": "n", "def": "sound, noise"}], ["suasa", {"cat": "adj", "def": "evil"}], ["sue", {"cat": "adj", "def": "quarter, one-fourth"}], ["sufaZ", {"word": "sufaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "square"}], ["suifaZa", {"word": "suifaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "need"}], ["suikaZa", {"word": "suikaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "sail (help move a boat; requires animate subject)"}], ["suikaZa_suikuaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "suikuaĭ", "selfSort": "suikuaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "sailor"}], ["suikaZa_suina", {"special": "deriv", "word": "suina", "selfSort": "suina", "cat": "n", "def": "sail"}], ["sukeZnoZo", {"word": "sukeĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "tear, rip"}], ["suo", {"cat": "n", "def": "thread, string"}], ["suZkoe", {"word": "suĭkoe", "cat": "n", "def": "list"}], ["suZtu", {"word": "suĭtu", "cat": "n", "def": "flower"}], ["sZaa", {"word": "śaa", "cat": "n", "def": "head"}], ["sZari", {"word": "śari", "cat": "n", "def": "face"}], ["sZasa", {"word": "śasa", "cat": "n", "def": "grass"}], ["sZaZrimaZa", {"word": "śaĭrimaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "raise (a sunken boat)"}], ["sZaZsu", {"word": "śaĭsu", "cat": "adj", "def": "brown; orange"}], ["sZi", {"word": "śi", "cat": "n", "def": "place, location, general area"}], ["sZimu", {"word": "śimu", "cat": "adj", "def": "right (opposite of left)"}], ["sZiso", {"word": "śiso", "cat": "n", "def": "war"}], ["sZista", {"word": "śista", "cat": "n", "def": "corner"}], ["sZitZami", {"word": "śit́ami", "cat": "n", "def": "palace, king-place"}], ["sZoki", {"word": "śoki", "cat": "n", "def": "faithful"}], ["sZuimaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "śuimaĭa", "cat": "vi", "def": "sink (a boat)"}], ["sZuimaZa_sZuimu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "śuimu", "selfSort": "sZuimu", "cat": "adj", "def": "drooping, hanging down"}], ["sZuZrimaZa", {"word": "śuĭrimaĭa", "cat": "vv", "def": "drop, sink, go down, descend (accidentally; not carefully)"}], ["sZuZseu", {"word": "śuĭseu", "cat": "n", "def": "enemy"}], ["ta", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "dust, grit"}], ["ta_takoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takoe", "selfSort": "takoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "dirty, shabby, grubby"}], ["ta_tapamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tapamaĭa", "selfSort": "tapamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "make dirty, messy, etc"}], ["taa", {"cat": "int", "def": "yes/no, true/false"}], ["tafemaZa", {"word": "tafemaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "have, has"}], ["tafemaZa_taktafemaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taktafemaĭa", "selfSort": "taktafemaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "own"}], ["tahi", {"cat": "pron", "def": "he/she (singular, animate, informal)"}], ["tai", {"cat": "n", "def": "sandal"}], ["taka", {"cat": "n", "def": "stick"}], ["takanoZo", {"word": "takanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "grow (food)"}], ["takeZ", {"word": "takeĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "excessively, too (much), very"}], ["tako", {"cat": "n", "def": "muscle"}], ["takopu", {"cat": "n", "def": "bottle"}], ["takuni", {"cat": "adj", "def": "blue (darker blue; navy; indigo; cobalt)"}], ["tala", {"cat": "adj", "def": "deep"}], ["tali", {"cat": "int", "def": "where"}], ["talusoZo", {"word": "talusoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "clap, applaud"}], ["tamese", {"cat": "adj", "def": "wonderful"}], ["tanele", {"cat": "adj", "def": "easy, simple"}], ["tanke", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "strange, weird"}], ["tanke_kumutanke", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kumutanke", "selfSort": "kumutanke", "cat": "n", "def": "eccentric person"}], ["tano", {"cat": "n", "def": "leaf, leaves"}], ["tao", {"cat": "n", "def": "fruit"}], ["taonoZo", {"word": "taonoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "cut"}], ["taonoZo_taona", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taona", "selfSort": "taona", "cat": "n", "def": "blade"}], ["taoto", {"cat": "adj", "def": "warm (temperate, comfortable)"}], ["tapatoZo", {"word": "tapatoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "split, separate (separate things become farther apart)"}], ["tapatoZo_tapateso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tapateso", "selfSort": "tapateso", "cat": "adj", "def": "separated"}], ["tapuo", {"cat": "n", "def": "breast"}], ["tarhuZa", {"word": "tarhuĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "winter"}], ["tasa", {"cat": "adj", "def": "near, close"}], ["tasanoZo", {"word": "tasanoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "have, wield, holding object with intent to use"}], ["tasaru", {"cat": "pron", "def": "they (paucal, animate, informal)"}], ["taski", {"cat": "pron", "def": "they (dual, animate, informal)"}], ["tasZenZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "taśeńoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "crime (committing)"}], ["tasZenZoZo_tasZenZuti", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taśeńuti", "selfSort": "tasZenZuti", "cat": "n", "def": "crime (in progress)"}], ["tasZenZoZo_tasZesZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taśeśaĭ", "selfSort": "tasZesZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "crime (completed)"}], ["tasZnZa", {"word": "taśńa", "cat": "pron", "def": "they (plural, animate, informal)"}], ["tasZo", {"special": "root", "word": "taśo", "cat": "adj", "def": "ready, prepared, alert"}], ["tasZo_tasZisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taśisaĭ", "selfSort": "tasZisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "alertness"}], ["tasZo_tasZopaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taśopaĭa", "selfSort": "tasZopaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "make ready"}], ["tatae", {"cat": "n", "def": "cup, goblet"}], ["tatio", {"cat": "n", "def": "pitcher, decanter"}], ["tatoimo", {"cat": "n", "def": "box, crate, trunk"}], ["tatosoZo", {"word": "tatosoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "hit"}], ["tatsa", {"cat": "n", "def": "trouble, problem"}], ["tatu", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "careful, cautious"}], ["tatu_foatatu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "foatatu", "selfSort": "foatatu", "cat": "adj", "def": "not careful, hasty"}], ["tatu_tateto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tateto", "selfSort": "tateto", "cat": "adj", "def": "overly careful"}], ["tatu_tateto_kumutateto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "kumutateto", "selfSort": "kumutateto", "cat": "n", "def": "overly careful person"}], ["tatu_tatisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tatisaĭ", "selfSort": "tatisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "care"}], ["tatu_tatisaZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tatisaĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "tatisaZpaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "be careful"}], ["tau", {"cat": "n", "def": "butt, rear end"}], ["tauZ", {"special": "root", "word": "tauĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "magic"}], ["tauZ_taamomo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taamomo", "selfSort": "taamomo", "cat": "n", "def": "wizard or sorcerer"}], ["taZe", {"special": "root", "word": "taĭe", "cat": "n", "def": "iron"}], ["taZe_taZesaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taĭesaĭ", "selfSort": "taZesaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "steel"}], ["taZefaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "taĭefaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "find, add (numbers)"}], ["taZefaZa_taZefu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taĭefu", "selfSort": "taZefu", "cat": "adj", "def": "more"}], ["taZkenoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "taĭkenoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "visit"}], ["taZkenoZo_taZkesZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taĭkeśaĭ", "selfSort": "taZkesZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "visit"}], ["taZpoki", {"word": "taĭpoki", "cat": "n", "def": "dinner, supper"}], ["taZuse", {"word": "taĭuse", "cat": "n", "def": "root"}], ["teka", {"cat": "adj", "def": "young"}], ["tekeZa", {"word": "tekeĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "floor (to stand on)"}], ["tekoo", {"cat": "adj", "def": "glad"}], ["tekoZ", {"word": "tekoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "room"}], ["telZosZoZo", {"word": "teĺośoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "lose (opp. of win)"}], ["teomaZa", {"word": "teomaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "see, look"}], ["teomaZa_teosZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "teośaĭ", "selfSort": "teosZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "a look"}], ["teomaZa_teosZaZ_teosZati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "teośati", "selfSort": "teosZati", "cat": "n", "def": "a glance"}], ["tepusZoko", {"word": "tepuśoko", "cat": "n", "def": "peninsula"}], ["tesZtZiu", {"word": "teśt́iu", "cat": "adj", "def": "horrible"}], ["teta", {"cat": "adj", "def": "far"}], ["teteo", {"cat": "n", "def": "south"}], ["teto", {"cat": "n", "def": "instance, event"}], ["tetopaZa", {"word": "tetopaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "multiply"}], ["teZkunoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "teĭkunoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "point (at, to), indicate"}], ["teZkunoZo_teZkuneso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "teĭkuneso", "selfSort": "teZkuneso", "cat": "adj", "def": "towards, in the direction/time of (specific point in whole)"}], ["teZosZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "teĭośoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "caress, fondle"}], ["teZosZoZo_teZosZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "teĭośaĭ", "selfSort": "teZosZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "caress, soft touch"}], ["ti", {"cat": "#", "def": "7 (seven)", "defSort": "07"}], ["tia", {"cat": "adj", "def": "intermittently, sometimes, randomly, occasionally"}], ["tiase", {"cat": "adj", "def": "sad, unhappy"}], ["tiatei", {"cat": "n", "def": "flute"}], ["tiaZ", {"word": "tiaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "knife"}], ["tielasa", {"cat": "n", "def": "lunch"}], ["tihioZ", {"word": "tihioĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "important"}], ["tikofaZa", {"word": "tikofaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "build (something); throw/give party/event"}], ["tiku", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "storm"}], ["tiku_tiketo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tiketo", "selfSort": "tiketo", "cat": "n", "def": "thunderstorm; hurricane"}], ["tinse", {"cat": "n", "def": "evening"}], ["tinseo", {"cat": "n", "def": "dusk, sunset"}], ["tinta", {"cat": "adj", "def": "hot (not cold or warm)"}], ["tio", {"cat": "adj", "def": "old"}], ["tioto", {"cat": "adj", "def": "blue (lighter blue-green; cyan; sky; electric blue; turquoise)"}], ["tipaZ", {"word": "tipaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "sugar"}], ["tisi", {"cat": "n", "def": "afternoon"}], ["tisia", {"cat": "n", "def": "noon"}], ["tisite", {"cat": "n", "def": "pig"}], ["tisosoZo", {"word": "tisosoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "hurt, damage, injure"}], ["tisosoZo_tisoseso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tisoseso", "selfSort": "tisoseso", "cat": "adj", "def": "damaged, hurt"}], ["tisoZ", {"word": "tisoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "dwarf"}], ["tisZoZo", {"word": "tiśoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "make, create"}], ["titaZ", {"word": "titaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "grove of trees"}], ["tite", {"cat": "n", "def": "meadow"}], ["toa", {"cat": "adj", "def": "happy"}], ["toaZ", {"special": "root", "word": "toaĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "fat, wide"}], ["toaZ_toaZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "toaĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "toaZpaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "widen, fatten"}], ["toaZ_toaZpaZa_seetoaZpaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seetoaĭpaĭa", "selfSort": "seetoaZpaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "shorten (in width)"}], ["toaZ_toisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "toisaĭ", "selfSort": "toisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "width"}], ["tofoasoZo", {"word": "tofoasoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "be quiet, be silent"}], ["tofoasoZo_tofoasafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tofoasafo", "selfSort": "tofoasafo", "cat": "n", "def": "silence"}], ["tofoasoZo_tofoasu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tofoasu", "selfSort": "tofoasu", "cat": "adj", "def": "quiet, silent"}], ["toke", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "shortbow"}], ["toke_toketo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "toketo", "selfSort": "toketo", "cat": "n", "def": "longbow"}], ["toke_tokisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tokisaĭ", "selfSort": "tokisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "arrow"}], ["toke_tokisaZ_tisZitokisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tiśitokisaĭ", "selfSort": "tisZitokisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "fletcher"}], ["tokofaZa", {"word": "tokofaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "obey"}], ["tolZo", {"word": "toĺo", "cat": "adj", "def": "patient"}], ["too", {"cat": "n", "def": "basic unit of long distance (mile, kilometer)"}], ["toonoZo", {"word": "toonoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "come, arrive"}], ["toonoZo_toosZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "toośaĭ", "selfSort": "toosZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "arrival, coming"}], ["topa", {"cat": "n", "def": "grain"}], ["topatosoZo", {"word": "topatosoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "become"}], ["topou", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "lost (on land; animate)"}], ["topou_topousZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "topouśi", "selfSort": "topousZi", "cat": "n", "def": "unknown location (on land)"}], ["tornato", {"cat": "n", "def": "brim, lip"}], ["torteno", {"cat": "n", "def": "guest, invited person"}], ["tosiku", {"cat": "n", "def": "luggage, baggage"}], ["tosinoZo", {"word": "tosinoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "smell"}], ["tosinoZo_tosinoZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tosinoĭsi", "selfSort": "tosinoZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "scent, odor"}], ["tosinoZo_tosinu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tosinu", "selfSort": "tosinu", "cat": "adj", "def": "having a strong odor, smelly"}], ["toso", {"cat": "n", "def": "morning"}], ["tosoa", {"cat": "n", "def": "dawn, sunrise"}], ["tososamaZa", {"word": "tososamaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "freeze, solidify"}], ["tososamaZa_tososamu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tososamu", "selfSort": "tososamu", "cat": "adj", "def": "still, petrified"}], ["tososamaZa_tososoameso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tososoameso", "selfSort": "tososoameso", "cat": "adj", "def": "frozen"}], ["tosZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "tośoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "drink"}], ["tosZoZo_tosZisZamomo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tośiśamomo", "selfSort": "tosZisZamomo", "cat": "n", "def": "tavernkeeper"}], ["tosZoZo_tosZisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tośiśi", "selfSort": "tosZisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "tavern"}], ["totaZ", {"word": "totaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "beer"}], ["totofaZa", {"word": "totofaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "sing"}], ["touhaZa", {"word": "touhaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "count"}], ["touZnoZo", {"word": "touĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "play (musical instrument, esp. woodwind/brass)"}], ["toZka", {"special": "root", "word": "toĭka", "cat": "n", "def": "town, village"}], ["toZka_toZketo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "toĭketo", "selfSort": "toZketo", "cat": "n", "def": "city"}], ["toZnoZo", {"word": "toĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "pull, yank"}], ["toZnaZ", {"word": "toĭnaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "world"}], ["tu", {"cat": "#", "def": "9 (nine)", "defSort": "09"}], ["tuanoZo", {"word": "tuanoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vi", "def": "trade, barter"}], ["tuanoZo_tuanafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuanafo", "selfSort": "tuanafo", "cat": "n", "def": "trade, commerce"}], ["tuanoZo_tuanisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuaniśi", "selfSort": "tuanisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "market, marketplace"}], ["tuanoZo_tuanoZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuanoĭsi", "selfSort": "tuanoZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "tradable goods, wares"}], ["tuanoZo_tuanuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuanuoĭ", "selfSort": "tuanuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "trader, merchant"}], ["tuanoZo_tuasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuaśaĭ", "selfSort": "tuasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "a trade, sale"}], ["tue", {"cat": "conj", "def": "and [also] (links VPs and sentences together)"}], ["tuesoZo", {"word": "tuesoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "do (habitually, repeatedly)"}], ["tuesoZo_tuesafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuesafo", "selfSort": "tuesafo", "cat": "n", "def": "practice, repetition"}], ["tuesoZo_tuesuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuesuoĭ", "selfSort": "tuesuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "apprentice"}], ["tufaZa", {"word": "tufaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "stab"}], ["tuinoZo", {"word": "tuinoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "defSort": "intend to do", "def": "(intend to) do"}], ["tuinoZo_tuineso", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuineso", "selfSort": "tuineso", "cat": "adj", "def": "intentional"}], ["tuinoZo_tuisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuiśaĭ", "selfSort": "tuisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "intention"}], ["tuka", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "again"}], ["tuka_tukisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tukisaĭ", "selfSort": "tukisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "repetition"}], ["tuka_tukisaZ_tukisaZpamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tukisaĭpamaĭa", "selfSort": "tukisaZpamaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "repeat"}], ["tuksunoZo", {"word": "tuksunoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "write"}], ["tuluma", {"cat": "adj", "def": "difficult, hard, complex"}], ["tupaZa", {"word": "tupaĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "queue, line, geometric line"}], ["tusinoZo", {"word": "tusinoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "buy"}], ["tusou", {"cat": "n", "def": "farm"}], ["tuuZ", {"word": "tuuĭ", "cat": "conj", "def": "or (links VPs together)"}], ["tuZloa", {"word": "tuĭloa", "cat": "adj", "def": "alone"}], ["tuZpaa", {"special": "root", "word": "tuĭpaa", "cat": "n", "def": "servant"}], ["tuZpaa_tuZpaasoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuĭpaasoĭo", "selfSort": "tuZpaasoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "serve (something to someone)"}], ["tuZpaa_tuZpaiamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuĭpaiamaĭa", "selfSort": "tuZpaiamaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "serve (for the benefit of a person)"}], ["tuZpaa_tuZpaisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tuĭpaisaĭ", "selfSort": "tuZpaisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "service"}], ["tZa", {"word": "t́a", "cat": "n", "def": "leader"}], ["tZaa", {"word": "t́aa", "cat": "n", "def": "stone"}], ["tZaamaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "t́aamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "protect, shield, cover"}], ["tZaamaZa_tZaamaZno", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́aamaĭno", "selfSort": "tZaamaZno", "cat": "n", "def": "protector (person)"}], ["tZafoa", {"word": "t́afoa", "cat": "adj", "def": "middle, between"}], ["tZaka", {"word": "t́aka", "cat": "n", "def": "wall"}], ["tZakoa", {"special": "root", "word": "t́akoa", "cat": "n", "def": "a rock, stone, etc"}], ["tZakoa_tZakoati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́akoati", "selfSort": "tZakoati", "cat": "n", "def": "pebble"}], ["tZakoa_tZakoeto", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́akoeto", "selfSort": "tZakoeto", "cat": "n", "def": "boulder"}], ["tZala", {"word": "t́ala", "cat": "n", "def": "earth, ground"}], ["tZaloZa", {"special": "root", "word": "t́aloĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "mine"}], ["tZaloZa_tisZiZaloZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "tiśiĭaloĭa", "selfSort": "tisZiZaloZa", "cat": "n", "def": "miner"}], ["tZaloZa_tZaloZapamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́aloĭapamaĭa", "selfSort": "tZaloZapamaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "mine"}], ["tZaloZa_tZaloZasaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́aloĭasaĭ", "selfSort": "tZaloZasaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "ore"}], ["tZamaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "t́amaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "rule, lead"}], ["tZamaZa_tZamafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́amafo", "selfSort": "tZamafo", "cat": "n", "def": "royalty"}], ["tZamaZa_tZamaZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́amaĭsi", "selfSort": "tZamaZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "subject (of a ruler)"}], ["tZamaZa_tZamu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́amu", "selfSort": "tZamu", "cat": "adj", "def": "royal"}], ["tZamaZa_tZamuaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́amuaĭ", "selfSort": "tZamuaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "ruler (king, queen)"}], ["tZamaZa_tZamuaZ_tZamuati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́amuati", "selfSort": "tZamuati", "cat": "n", "def": "prince, princess"}], ["tZamaZa_tZamuti", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́amuti", "selfSort": "tZamuti", "cat": "n", "def": "reign (current)"}], ["tZamaZa_tZasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́aśaĭ", "selfSort": "tZasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "reign (completed)"}], ["tZami", {"word": "t́ami", "cat": "adj", "def": "any"}], ["tZanZasZa", {"word": "t́ańaśa", "cat": "n", "def": "hat"}], ["tZaonZoZo", {"word": "t́aońoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "assure, be sure"}], ["tZasafaZa", {"special": "root", "word": "t́asafaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "dress, clothe (animate object), wear (clothing object)"}], ["tZasafaZa_seetZasafaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "seet́asafaĭa", "selfSort": "seetZasafaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "undress (animate object), remove (clothing object)"}], ["tZasafaZa_taketZasafaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "taket́asafaĭa", "selfSort": "taketZasafaZa", "cat": "v", "def": "reapply/strongly apply garment (against weather, usually)"}], ["tZasZeZ", {"word": "t́aśeĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "breakfast"}], ["tZasZka", {"special": "root", "word": "t́aśka", "cat": "adj", "def": "angry, mad"}], ["tZasZka_tZasZkisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́aśkisaĭ", "selfSort": "tZasZkisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "anger"}], ["tZati", {"word": "t́ati", "cat": "adj", "def": "left (opposite of right)"}], ["tZatZio", {"word": "t́at́io", "cat": "n", "def": "fence"}], ["tZau", {"word": "t́au", "cat": "n", "def": "forest, woods"}], ["tZaZ", {"word": "t́aĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "right, correct"}], ["tZei", {"word": "t́ei", "cat": "n", "def": "mouse"}], ["tZiamaZa", {"word": "t́iamaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "doubt"}], ["tZio", {"word": "t́io", "cat": "n", "def": "tree"}], ["tZioZ", {"word": "t́ioĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "wrong, incorrect"}], ["tZitao", {"word": "t́itao", "cat": "n", "def": "fruit tree"}], ["tZitZi", {"word": "t́it́i", "cat": "n", "def": "bug, insect"}], ["tZiu", {"word": "t́iu", "cat": "n", "def": "bark (part of tree)"}], ["tZo", {"word": "t́o", "cat": "n", "def": "hill"}], ["tZokifaZa", {"word": "t́okifaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "to shape/make/form/mold something from something else"}], ["tZotoZ", {"word": "t́otoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "door"}], ["tZukea", {"word": "t́ukea", "cat": "n", "def": "oak tree"}], ["tZukoZ", {"word": "t́ukoĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "gate"}], ["tZuku", {"word": "t́uku", "cat": "n", "def": "field"}], ["tZusZaZ", {"word": "t́uśaĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "maple tree"}], ["tZuZkasoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "t́uĭkasoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "trust"}], ["tZuZkasoZo_tZuZkasoZmi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "t́uĭkasoĭmi", "selfSort": "tZuZkasoZmi", "cat": "adj", "def": "trustworthy"}], ["uasoZo", {"word": "uasoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "lie (down)"}], ["uasZoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "uaśoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "take (something)"}], ["uasZoZo_takuasZoZo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "takuaśoĭo", "selfSort": "takuasZoZo", "cat": "v", "def": "take forcefully; sieze; grab"}], ["ufa", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "good, well, nice, fine, comfortable"}], ["ufa_foufa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "foufa", "selfSort": "foufa", "cat": "adj", "def": "unwell, uncomfortable"}], ["ufa_ufalu", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ufalu", "selfSort": "ufalu", "cat": "adj", "def": "very good, exquisite, fine"}], ["uisoZo", {"word": "uisoĭo", "cat": "vi", "def": "fall down, collapse"}], ["uiseso", {"cat": "adj", "def": "falling"}], ["uko", {"cat": "det", "def": "all, every"}], ["ukolo", {"cat": "adj", "def": "all, entire, completely"}], ["ukotio", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "peace"}], ["ukotio_ukotiokopa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ukotiokopa", "selfSort": "ukotiokopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "peaceful"}], ["ukuZ", {"special": "root", "word": "ukuĭ", "cat": "adj", "def": "free"}], ["ukuZ_ukisaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ukisaĭ", "selfSort": "ukisaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "freedom"}], ["ulanoZo", {"word": "ulanoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "hunt"}], ["ulanoZo_ulanafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ulanafo", "selfSort": "ulanafo", "cat": "n", "def": "hunting, the hunt"}], ["ulanoZo_ulanoZmi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ulanoĭmi", "selfSort": "ulanoZmi", "cat": "n", "def": "predator"}], ["ulanoZo_ulanoZsi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ulanoĭsi", "selfSort": "ulanoZsi", "cat": "n", "def": "prey"}], ["ulanoZo_ulanuoZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ulanuoĭ", "selfSort": "ulanuoZ", "cat": "n", "def": "hunter"}], ["ulanoZo_ulanuti", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ulanuti", "selfSort": "ulanuti", "cat": "n", "def": "a hunt (in progress)"}], ["ulanoZo_ulasZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "ulaśaĭ", "selfSort": "ulasZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "a hunt (completed)"}], ["uli", {"cat": "int", "def": "when"}], ["ulota", {"cat": "n", "def": "son"}], ["ulZkopa", {"word": "uĺkopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "full, complete"}], ["umili", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "calm, placid waters; gentle, even-tempered, mannered"}], ["umili_foumili", {"special": "deriv", "word": "foumili", "selfSort": "foumili", "cat": "adj", "def": "rough, choppy waters; rough, abusive"}], ["umu", {"special": "root", "cat": "n", "def": "cat"}], ["umu_umati", {"special": "deriv", "word": "umati", "selfSort": "umati", "cat": "n", "def": "kitten"}], ["umu_umiamaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "umiamaĭa", "selfSort": "umiamaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "be sneaky, stealthy"}], ["umu_umukoe", {"special": "deriv", "word": "umukoe", "selfSort": "umukoe", "cat": "adj", "def": "catlike"}], ["uni", {"cat": "adj", "def": "new"}], ["unZtZai", {"word": "uńt́ai", "cat": "adj", "def": "lucky, luck"}], ["uoZ", {"word": "uoĭ", "cat": "conj", "def": "but, however, though"}], ["upeZka", {"word": "upeĭka", "cat": "n", "def": "prison"}], ["upire", {"cat": "n", "def": "house, cottage, cabin, hut"}], ["upirefuhao", {"cat": "n", "def": "library (lit. book-house)"}], ["upireke", {"cat": "n", "def": "temple, god-house"}], ["uruni", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "hard"}], ["uruni_urunipaZa", {"special": "deriv", "word": "urunipaĭa", "selfSort": "urunipaZa", "cat": "vi", "def": "harden"}], ["usaeZ", {"word": "usaeĭ", "cat": "n", "def": "daughter"}], ["usanu", {"special": "root", "cat": "adj", "def": "healthy"}], ["usanu_usanisZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "usaniśaĭ", "selfSort": "usanisZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "health"}], ["uso", {"cat": "adj", "def": "some, a portion of, part of"}], ["usro", {"cat": "n", "def": "hair"}], ["utipaZa", {"word": "utipaĭa", "special": "root", "cat": "v", "def": "win (opp. of lose)"}], ["utipaZa_utipafo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "utipafo", "selfSort": "utipafo", "cat": "n", "def": "victory"}], ["utisoZo", {"word": "utisoĭo", "special": "root", "cat": "vv", "def": "begin, start"}], ["utisoZo_utisisi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "utisisi", "selfSort": "utisisi", "cat": "n", "def": "beginning, start (place)"}], ["utisoZo_utisZai", {"special": "deriv", "word": "utiśai", "selfSort": "utisZai", "cat": "n", "def": "beginning, start (completed action)"}], ["utosoZo", {"word": "utosoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "cause"}], ["uu", {"cat": "n", "def": "land, region, area"}], ["uZa", {"word": "uĭa", "cat": "n", "def": "boss"}], ["uZaZnoZo", {"special": "root", "word": "uĭaĭnoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "understand, learn (by oneself)"}], ["uZaZnoZo_uZaZsZaZ", {"special": "deriv", "word": "uĭaĭśaĭ", "selfSort": "uZaZsZaZ", "cat": "n", "def": "understanding, skill, dexterity"}], ["uZaZnoZo_uZaZsZaZ_uZaZsZaZmomo", {"special": "deriv", "word": "uĭaĭśaĭmomo", "selfSort": "uZaZsZaZmomo", "cat": "n", "def": "savant, autodidact"}], ["uZlo", {"word": "uĭlo", "cat": "n", "def": "rain"}], ["uZlsi", {"word": "uĭlsi", "cat": "adj", "def": "interesting"}], ["uZmu", {"word": "uĭmu", "cat": "adj", "def": "black"}], ["uZni", {"word": "uĭni", "cat": "n", "def": "wolf"}], ["uZpaki", {"special": "root", "word": "uĭpaki", "cat": "adj", "def": "lost (at sea; animate)"}], ["uZpaki_uZpakisZi", {"special": "deriv", "word": "uĭpakiśi", "selfSort": "uZpakisZi", "cat": "n", "def": "unknown location (at sea)"}], ["uZse", {"word": "uĭse", "cat": "n", "def": "waterfalls"}], ["uZsimaZa", {"word": "uĭsimaĭa", "cat": "v", "def": "satisfy"}], ["uZtamu", {"word": "uĭtamu", "cat": "n", "def": "juice"}], ["uZtamukopa", {"word": "uĭtamukopa", "cat": "adj", "def": "juicy"}], ["uZtaZsoZo", {"word": "uĭtaĭsoĭo", "cat": "v", "def": "consider"}], ["uZte", {"word": "uĭte", "cat": "n", "def": "water"}], ["uZtese", {"word": "uĭtese", "cat": "n", "def": "saltwater, seawater, ocean, sea"}], ["uZtesisi", {"word": "uĭtesisi", "cat": "n", "def": "spring (of water)"}], ["uZtuka", {"word": "uĭtuka", "cat": "n", "def": "land, nation, country, kingdom"}] ]