A mindmap detailing the basic language families and their relationships. The map was created using Scapple.

Everything is in flux is Rule #1. That's why this is in a wiki-type format. I haven't completely settled on a presentation style, so there may even be changes in that as we move forward. (And that was a stylistic 'we', meaning just 'I', because I'm not sharing the building duties with anyone right now. Or probably ever.)

Changes will happen slowly because I'm balancing a lot. I expect this project to take me years. Check back every month or so and you'll probably be fine.

Find me on Youtube if you wanna. I'm (slowly) making a series on fictional language construction. I don't claim to know everything. I just claim this land for Spain! ::plants flag, blows raspberry::


Most articles will be about the languages themselves. Articles prefixed with World are about the underlying world where the languages are spoken. Articles prefixed with Meta are explaining concepts that may be unclear.


Current Projects

  • Ancient Kartara, a fusional AVP/SV (SVO) language with multiple plural forms, some formal forms, and animate gender.

Reading Resources

Viewing Resources

  • Artifexian - a YouTube creator from Ireland documenting his world-building, including conlanging.
  • David J. Peterson's YouTube channel, where he talks to the camera about language creation.

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